Ten Day Transformation

In 10 days, MCG will help you define a specific roadmap to improve profitability.

10-day-transformation-artThe MCG Ten Day IT Transformation is an objective, deep dive into the heart of your enterprise resource systems to specifically define problems and identify potential solutions ranging from software issues to business processes. Based on the principles of rapid software development, The Ten Day Transformation is a pragmatic, proven process that quickly uncovers inefficiencies and issues that directly impact profitability.

Software is Easy. We solve business problems.

  • Poor communication between departments and teams
  • Long Procure to Pay cycles
  • Delayed reporting or communication
  • Excessive manual entry of data
  • Inaccurate data
  • Disparate, standalone systems limiting access and increasing complexity
  • Poor compliance and record keeping
  • Out of date information leading to delayed or incorrect business decisions

How does it work?
MCG will dispatch a team of Certified Software Requirements Specialists, SCRUM masters and business process engineers to your site. Working with the client team and other stakeholders, MCG engages in a detailed, logical process that uncovers and prioritizes challenges and opportunities with regard to how people and software interact.

What are the Deliverables?
MCG will share it’s recommendations to reduce costs or improve efficiencies including:

  • gap analysis
  • human processes or resources
  • software selection, customization, development
  • systems integration
  • financial systems optimization

You are free to take this valuable documentation and use it as you see fit. If you wish, MCG can assist in executing the recommendations, however, our recommendations are in sufficient detail to aid internal and other teams to implement.

What does it cost?
The MCG Ten Day Transformation is $9,500.00
How can we offer such a competitive rate for ten solid days of valuable experience and time? We are willing to sacrifice short term profit for long term relationships. We think you’ll like how we solve problems and will welcome our help moving forward.

How to get started:
Contact MCG to schedule your Ten Day Transformation.