Our Approach: Operational Simplicity™

Operational Simplicity is about untangling the complexities in your organization, enabling you to drive forward to your ideal future state.  MCG’s clients rely on our ability peel back the layers that hinder organizational evolution to uncover the right solution, right now. Our clients are like our family, and we tailor our approach to become an integral, on demand, extension of your team.

Pillars of Operational Simplicity:

•    Proper Planning – Realistic timelines and “what if” scenarios
•    Proper Management – Defined roles, oversight, escalation, scope management
•    Financial Accountability – Realistic budgets and responsibility
•    Proper Infrastructure Support – Aligned systems and people

At MCG, we stand on these pillars every day. They are critical to the success of our projects and the delight of our client family.

We are constantly reminded that there are two possible reasons for organizations to move from Point A to Point B:

1.    Point B is SO attractive that you can no longer resist.
2.    Point A is SO painful that you can no longer remain.

Change is difficult.  Simplify it.