Program and Project Management

MCG is your “safe pair of hands” to rapidly engage and drive immediate progress for projects that just need to be pushed over the goal line or for large scale strategic program management.

Projects may easily lose their direction and stagnate among the sea of competing priorities facing any organization.  MCG brings decades of experience in successfully driving large scale strategic operational change.

Project Management

MCG provides expert project management capabilities to supplement your existing team in helping to achieve their project goals.  We understand that Project Management is a delicate balance of organizing, budgeting, scheduling, communicating, tracking, and motivating within the complex structure of your business to achieve a specific goal.

What’s more, MCG brings expertise in a broad range of Project Management methodologies, allowing us to draw the appropriate tools from all of them to provide a custom tailored style for your business based on goals, capabilities, and constraints.  When solving complex problems, there’s no reason to limit yourself to a single toolset.  With MCG, you benefit from the right combination of tools:

  • Agile / Scrum
  • Lean Six Sigma / DMAIC
  • Waterfall
  • WBS
  • Sure Step

Program Management

There is no such thing as a project or initiative that exists in a vacuum.  Every business has complex, competing priorities within and between functional areas.  MCG understands this complexity and is ready to help your business align people with strategic goals.

Projects rapidly grow in complexity when we consider their interaction with multiple software applications, redesigned business processes, functional stakeholders, potential impacts to current state, and internal capabilities.  Program Management from the executive viewpoint is critical to their success. Most organizations are unable to dedicate the right person with the “Grand Vision” viewpoint to corral these competing priorities, timelines, budgets, communications, and personalities without leaving a huge gap in another area.  MCG is ready to deploy the right person, right now.

We have a demonstrated track record of success in turning large, daunting programs into manageable segments.